Web Design That Works

Автор: Lisa Baggerman
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Издател Rockport Publishers
Брой страници 144
Година на издаване 2001
Корици меки
Език английски
Тегло 700 грама
Размери 28x23
ISBN 1564967735
Баркод 1564967735
Категории Web-дизайн, Компютри и интернет, Книги

• 20 websites that engage, inform, and perform
• Cutting-edge design that works with and for the user
• Innovative ideas for usability and navigation

Web Design That Works provides an innovative approach to creating winning websites that combine pure graphic design elements with New Economy needs and solutions. It examines the most pressing challenges facing today's web designers, from answering the needs of diverse audiences and age groups, to using customizable software to create a seamless package for the user. Here are the essential design elements-usability, structure, navigation, interactivity, type, color, and layout-that make a site memorable. Through practical descriptions accompanied by compelling images, author Lisa Baggerman closely examines twenty website designs to illustrate what makes each work and why each is successful from a consumer, content, and design perspective.
Delivering hands-on tools and valuable consumer and trend information, this cutting-edge collection demonstrates the power of design and its ability to attract and keep a devoted Web audience.

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